To me.

Since time immemorial,

I’ve heard people converse,

of the beauty of that

which captivates at first sight.


I realized then,


That to me


You were the genteel light of the sun

on a calm spring morning.


That to me


You were the first rain drop,

after the summer sun had scorched all the land.


Since time of ages past,

I’d heard, I’d seen people speak,

Of that, which mesmerized all.

Then I realized


That to me,


You were my first love,

innocent, pure, chaste.


That to me,


You were unbridled love,

emotions of every kind, flaming in your vessel.


Then I realized,

That to me,

You were, love.



The Night (Yearning)

Oh murderous night,

Take me away,

Talk to me sweetly,

Caress me with your tremulous whispers of hope,

Incandesent light that will guide me back.


Hold on to my hands,

Sweet friend.

I do not understand, why you have to leave.

Why my tears fall,

While I sit here idly.


I do not understand,

Why pain seems so distant

Yet so close to my eyes.


(Once more an extract.)

Oil and Lather (Time)


Do you know how to live?

As for me,

Watching the world as it fleets by is boring.


I’ve seen it.


Rushing by,

pushing people apart,

as if running from something else.



Such long black hair,

Such beautiful eyes,

If only they held,

something more than emptiness.



It has changed everything,

It will change everything,

refusing to be bribed,

Our only impartial judge.


Oh, I don’t know,

How to live my own life,

Sometimes I find myself on the sidelines,

watching my story continue,

without the lead.


Oh, I’ve watched people cry,

and how their knees tremble.

I’ve seen the strongest,

fall before it.


But all the same,

I stand and wait.

Staring as it looks deep into my eyes,

and I know,

it knows, that I’m afraid.


Yes time.

Is clothed in oil and lather.

As it slips its way through us all.


(yes, I know “time” is not an emotion, but I’m sure you’re aware by now, about my preference to use random concepts and utilize the emotions that come to play. Once again, not the best, but yea.)

Beautiful Moon (Sorrow)

Moon in the sky,

Oh beautiful one.

Let your gentleness ease my soul.


My vision blurs,

and my heart grows sad

as it watches the world go on.


Beautiful moon,

who decorates the sky.

Can I have a last request?


Must there be pain,

to lace my world?

Must there be sorrow,

to burden my soul.


I’ve lived and lived,

but never seen,

any human free

from the throes of hurt.


We all cry in the absence of our houses,

watching the lights flicker outside.


Sometimes when I’m sad,

I think of the worse,

I know it doesn’t change,

anything that plagues me.


But even so,

it’s all I can do.

to stop myself from falling.


So grant me my wish,

Beautiful moon.

You who look so content in the sky.

You who don’t possess your own light,

but shine brighter than all the stars.


I yearn for a peace,

to wash over me.

I yearn for every human,

to know what love is.

Before you disappear, my moon.

Grant me my wish I plead.

14. (Hope)

Incessant ringing in my ears,

the sound of panic and despair.

Unrecognizable face once seen,

In a dream which was a sin.


The blonde strands waving,

As if following the call of the wind.

The innocence, almost childlike.


When asked what it was,

All that came to mind was complete love.

In that interstice, 

which faded away as quickly as it had come.

All that was felt was complete love.


Now the day awakes again,

and the memories disappear.


Wow. That was pure random nonsense. Sorry guys. Been feeling listless lately. (Listless- Me being unable to write anything). Just typed it out for the challenge.

Two (Reality)

If your whole life is disarrayed,

where will you hide?

When you draw those curtains,

what do you think of?

The pain that you feel,

is it even real?


If you’re always searching 

for something to come along,

to change everything and fix your world.

How will you live?

Knowing that the truth,

is just a thin line away.


When all the illusions

fade away with time,

And when you’re left with

nothing but reality,

how will you survive?


And I’ve watched you for so long,

from afar, staring sadly as your dreams fade.

I wish that they’d come true,

I really do,

for you my heart burdens itself with pain.

watching you run from

Two sides of a life you can’t escape.


And how can I live,

watching you wilt away?

For you my truths 

I’d turn into illusions.

For you my smile 

will forever remain tainted.




The Coward (Apology)

My only wish was to live,


Yet while I lived I saw pain and suffering


So i bent down from my high skies,


and helped the wounded to his feet.




I wept for the death of many,


I comforted the children who mourned.


Some called me an imposter,


Yet I did what I could.




You ask me now,


Why I turn away.




I turn away because I am a coward.


I fear, I tremble.


Do you not see?




Why do you mock me and tell me that all is lost?


Why do you place the infinity of your lives on my shoulder?


Who am I to bear such a burden?




No, Do not scorn me or judge me.




Do you not want to live?


 (The emotion of the day is “Apology”. This poem too is an extract from a poem I wrote earlier, which defeats the whole purpose of the Napowrimo challenge, but I’d like to add that I’ve been using a lot of old poems only because of the lack of clarity in my poems of late. It must have something to do with how my mind has gotten stagnant but yea..I don’t want to type out bad poems merely for the sake of updating my blog so..)

Ithaca (Discovery)

The alley is winding and turning, 
Like the spirals of a shell , 
With wind whistling through. 
A new world, a new life .


(while discovery isn’t an emotion per se, I’ve included it in order to capture that feeling of discovery. This poem is rather short as it is an extract from my “Orphan Boy” series.)

Wait (Faith)

I love you mother.

I love you.


I remember the auburn shade of your hair,

The blue in your eyes,

The genteel spirit of your smile

and the looming figure of your being.


I love you mother.

I love you.


I remember the touch of your hands,

The look of reprimanding sternness,

The gaze that took you far away

and the soft edge of your caked voice.


I love you mother.

I love you.


I cannot remember everything about you,

Your name or the clothes you wore.

The song you hummed to me while I slept,

or picture you complete and whole.


But you said to me this,

That you would return.

That you would come back,

And because of that I say,


I love you mother.

I love you.


And I will wait. 


(Emotion of the day is “faith”!!)